Valley of Sun 2019

In The Valley of the Sun, watercolor, gouache, and acrylic works on paper combine landscape and geometric abstraction to reimagine what progress and modernity might look like in another Latin America. Named in honor of Sogamoso, Colombia--"City of the Sun" to the Muisca, one of Colombia's indigenous peoples. The Valley of the Sun uses a speculative visual vocabulary to envision what regions threatened by extractive capitalism might look like under different, more equitable conditions. Rather than a literal depiction of an alternate Sogamoso, In The Valley of the Sun is a visual tone poem where modernist pattern-making, landscape painting, and traditional textile patterns combine to yield new possibilities.


carolyn castaño

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El Reporte Femenil / The Female Report

In The Female Report/El Reporte Femenil, a single channel video which addresses perceptions of Latin American women in news and ‘infotainment’ culture through a simulated newscast exploring feminism and popular notions of Latina womanhood. Modeled after popular, female-anchored Spanish-language television news programs on Telemundo and Univision, El Reporte Femenil features a fictional newscaster, Silviana Godoy,  “reporting” on the past and current status of women in Latin America. Godoy alternates between English and Spanish over the course of an extended, free-wheeling monologue, alighting on the accomplishments and downfalls of women “south of the border.”