carolyn castaño

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painting, works on paper

Ventanas, Southwest Terminal 1, LAX

Ventanas opens a window on two visual traditions at the root of our understanding of travel in the Western hemisphere. The landscapes, rendered in fluid watercolor, recall the journey of Alexander Von Humboldt, the Prussian painter and naturalist whose 1799 Latin American expedition introduced the region’s flora to much of Europe. The series also makes ample use of the hard-edged and colorful imagery found on aircraft tails, where corporate, aerospace, and modernist design intersect. Often functioning as both an emblem of corporate and national identity, the pop icons, bold bands of color, and sweeping free-forms of aircraft tail design are indelible visual markers of trips taken and adventures to be embarked upon.

I’m interested in these spaces of intersection, using Ventanas to craft a visual space where representational, figurative, and geographic elements coexist with varied geometric and curvilinear motifs: of the airport, of Los Angeles’ local architecture, of luggage textiles, and of airline design. This site-specific installation of paintings expands my ongoing interest in the everyday visual vernaculars of home and heritage, be it in Los Angeles or the city centers of Latin America, or in the natural landscape (imagined and actual) beyond.

Interested in a print?
I recently partnered with Jen Bekman, a dear friend of Casa Castaño, on a limited-edition print of a piece from my Ventanas series. Take a look